DigitalX Keywords

In the era of digitization, new trends and developments are being observed which have the potential to disrupt companies as well as our private life entirely.

This project will illustrate the key terms of digitization by examining the particular technological as well as economical aspects. Structured in the form of an encyclopedia, this project illustrates one key term per alphabetic letter which will be given a relevant literature, a video as well as a graphical illustration.


        Artificial Intelligence

B      Blockchain

C            Cloud Computing

D            Digital Security

E             Energy Storage

F              Future Technologies

G            Gesture Recognition Technology

H             Human Machine Interaction

I        Internet of Everything

J       Joint Technology Initiatives

K             Kryptographie (Cryptography)

L              Legal Technology

M            Machine Learning

N            Neural Networks

O            Open Source Technology

P             Platform Economy

Q            Quantum Computing

R             Robotics

S             Social Bots

T             Three Dimensions Printing

U            Ubiquitous Computing

V              Virtual Reality

W           Wearables

X               Google X

Y              Generation Y

Z            Zuse Z 1