Google X

Legal Technology (also known as legal tech) refers to the use of technology and tools that automate legal services and thus support or eliminate the practice of lawyers.

X was a secret division of Google for a long time until it was officially founded as Google X in 2010. There exist only very few public facts about the company but it is known that they deal with the most advanced high-tech projects of the entire company. These mostly secret projects have very ambitious goals and try to realize big innovations. One of the probably most famous project is the self-driving car which is led by the German engineer Sebastian Thrun and involves the self-driving technology for driverless cars.

As another main project they introduced Google Glass which is a head-mounted networked computer and display in the shape of a pair of eyeglasses.

The project aimed to develop a new mobile computing and communications platform with the mission of a ubiquitous computer.

This is one of the projects that graduated from X and is reborn for further development as Project Aura within Google. This business model of graduation means flexibility for X so that they can decide what´s the best for its success in the real world. When a project graduates from X it can be incorporated in a standalone business, formed into an alphabet company or being acquired.

A very significant “graduation” of X is Google brain, a deep learning research project that is considered as the biggest success. A famous scientist of the company has said it has created enough value to finance the total costs of X and even more. Google brain is a deep neutral network that enables revolutionary advances in artificial intelligence. Computers are able to understand audio, pictures and text in a way that human brains work. This technology can be found in several Google services like speech recognition systems, Google Photos or DeepMind´s AlphaGo system and many others.

By the research of X, Alphabet is able to further develop the technologies in projects to realize unseen products and services. The range of their technology fields is extremely wide like solar power drones, healthcare, robotics, mobility and many more. Some of their products seem to turn science-fiction in reality, Alphabet might be not far from that.